Feb 23, 2009

How to sew Oilcloth / vinyl fabric tutorial

You want to sew oilcloth / vinyl fabric?
You don't know how…

We found a few solutions over the course of our work which we would love to share with you.

* Do not sew and unstitch it will leave marks that you will not be able to repair

* You must have a good design, try out first on paper or old linen fabric.

* Do not use pins – they will make holes.

* Make all your signs / marks with sewing chalk

* Use masking tape to connect webbing

* Use paper clips or cloth peg to hold together the different parts

*** Most important use a special Teflon leg for the sewing machine so that the oil cloth will not get stuck.
You can find a great tutorial on U handbag .


SewMuchDetail said...

Wonderful post, sew helpful.....I have not used oilcloth yet but I plan too and this was sew helpful to me. Thank you for following my blog too. I love yours!

Rascallion said...

Great tutorial! I always wondered what that foot was for. Thanks "sew" much!

the 6 o'clock stitch said...

Hi! Thank you so much for adding your tutorial to Mr. Linky! It's so nice to meet you!