Feb 27, 2008

To eat with your eyes

Just wanted to share a wonderful idea I saw last week at a friend's birthday party.
She made individual salad cups.
The salad was served in plastic cups, so it's easy to make and then throw away.
To assemble:
Start with cubed yellow pepper, add cubed radish, cubed cucumber, cubed tomato, add the seasoning and top with cut chives.

Look how wonderful it looks,
it arouses your appetite!!!

Feb 26, 2008

First time as bloger...

Hi everybody!!!

This is our first time as blogers.
We are really excited.

We've been looking at different blogs in the past few months, and we feel we would like to share our love to beautiful things with you.
We are two friends, Ada and Lia.
We live in the Holy city, Jerusalem, Israel.

Ada married + a son and a daughter.
Lia married + two sons, a daughter and a dog.

We became friends through our daughters,as they are best, best friends.

After some years of knowing each other we decided to do something together.

We both love to create and design and we noticed that we like the same things.

This recognition led us to start a new venture.

We opened our studio where we design and create.

ALfa studio

We enjoy creating, sewing and seeing our "babies" come alive.

Each and every one of our softie dolls is a "one of a kind" and is very special for us.

We have a store on Etsy: http://www.alfastudio.etsy.com/

Please visit !!!