Feb 28, 2009

Great post on our Book cover set

We are so honored to be on Jakie's Etsy site of the day blog post
Jackie loves handmade and is dedicated on her blog to feature every day different seller – great.
Thank you so much for the wonderful post on our
Reading book set, it is so great to get such a wonderful feedback on our work!

Click here to see the article on Jackie's etsyitemoftheday The blog is decorated as a dairy -wonderful findings!

Feb 25, 2009

Restoration and reupholstering of an old chair

A few months ago we visited a friend, as we went out of her house near the trash I saw a wonderful yet ugly looking chair.
I know I had to have it, I was able to persuade my husband to put the chair into our car.
You must understand my husband's car should always be clean; putting the chair in, with no protection on the upholstery was not an easy task!!!

The procedure took a few months.
I took off the old fabric, which was old and dirty,
scraped, refilled
and painted some parts of the wood work.
Found a fabric that suits my taste
, added foam, and batting,
apled the fabric in the right place...
...........made a few mistakes along the way…......... :-) !!!
Then added a matching trim with a hot glue gun, burned my fingers....
to cover to up the staples

I enjoyed the transformation very much and I am happy I did it.

The fact that I didn't give the job to a real professional upholsterer was the most satisfying for me.
It was worth the work!!!

I really recommend looking into these sites, as they do give a wonderful insight and understanding of what you are supposed to do during the procedure.









To all who want to DIY - good luck!!!

Feb 23, 2009

How to sew Oilcloth / vinyl fabric tutorial

You want to sew oilcloth / vinyl fabric?
You don't know how…

We found a few solutions over the course of our work which we would love to share with you.

* Do not sew and unstitch it will leave marks that you will not be able to repair

* You must have a good design, try out first on paper or old linen fabric.

* Do not use pins – they will make holes.

* Make all your signs / marks with sewing chalk

* Use masking tape to connect webbing

* Use paper clips or cloth peg to hold together the different parts

*** Most important use a special Teflon leg for the sewing machine so that the oil cloth will not get stuck.
You can find a great tutorial on U handbag .

Feb 14, 2009

Alfa studio- Guest Artist in Australian Homespun Magazine

Sebastian the snail sitting on the top shelf on the front page!!!

We are so privileged to be Guest Artist on the front page and cover story on Australian Homespun craft magazine this month issue February 2009.

The editor of homespun magazine saw our work on our etsy shop and offered us an opportunity to showcase our designs. We were especially honored as we are the first Israeli guest artisans on the magazine.

Our work is presented with full description of ourselves, our background, how we started, the business and a tutorial of how to put together our "Sebastian the snail".

How to create a snail – a full tutorial teaching even a beginner crafter "how to", step by step put together a snail in a days work.

Our motto: "Always to things from your heart it will show through your work".

Feb 1, 2009

Honored to be in the next issue of Homespun

We feel so honored that our project, Sebastian the snail, will be featured on the next issue of Homespun craft magazine in Australia.

Sebastian the snail in Homespun Vol 10 No 2