Mar 15, 2009

We've been spotted!!! our Reading set- book cover & pillow.

We've Been Spotted on IndieSpotting
Just wanted to share with you all
We have been spotted on IndieSpotting.

For all of you who ask how?... why?...
I read a post by the 6 o'clock stitch blog which love & really and recommend!!!The post explains how to promote your shop, selling tips, marketing tips,Etsy tips etc. .One of the tips no. 7 :

TIP 7: If you haven't visited Indie Spotting, you're missing out on a great free marketing op. You can upload ONE item per week from your shop to be featured in their rotation. I've uploaded a couple of things and they've made it to the front page within 48 hours.I learned... and encourage you to check it out.It's really worth a look .

This is what was posted........................
Reading set Book cover & pillow
The idea of a book cover & pillow came to our mind from our own need, as we read a lot; we were looking for some kind of solution that could hold the book for us! The idea went through many variations and the final product is the following:

The book cover and pillow allows you to read with leisure with hardly any use of your hands only to turn the pages!!!
The perfect gift, for anyone who really loves reading.
You can enjoy this gadget at any age, from children who start to read,students,book lovers or grandparents who find it hard to hold books.
Great for reading in bed, lying down, sitting near a table, or putting the pillow on your laps.It is made of lovely polka dots cotton fabric .

Mar 9, 2009

Did we really finish or are we just starting???

I am so happy to tell you all that Ada & I finished an intense course on "Marketing on the Internet".

The course was held at MATI, Jerusalem Business Development Center.(Israel)

Our teacher was Mike Darnell who did a great job teaching us, the different aspects of the internet. Quite a job when one thinks of the fact that most of the people who attended the class came from a very different background.

Mike's blog in Hebrew "Dagbareshet"

when translated from Hebrew means " a fish in the net" is great and explains lots of things one should know on the web & great links!

For all his efforts Mike received "a fish in a net" from all the participants.

The fish was handmade by us at ALfastudio, and is one of our softie collection.

I have a new SEWING MACHINE :-) :-) :-)

I am the happiest woman today!!!

I got a new sewing machine

After a lot of indecisions which brand sewing machine to buy, the Bernina 230 was my choice.

A birthday present from my husband.

I am so excited that I wanted to share it with you all!!!

My Bernina 230

Google analytics on blog or Etsy shop

Want to know who sees your blog, where they come from, how they got there,
which post was best reacted to, what words connect to the blog, shop etc.

The solution…. GOOGLE ANALYTICS!!! For FREE!!!

All you have to do is sign in to Google analytics through your Google account.

Google explains everything to you… with just a few steps…
Google analytics help center

I'll explain with a few of my simple words;

If I could understand,and it's not my profession… then every one can ! :-)

1. Sign in to Google analytics.
2. Add website profile---- add profile to new domain- your URL
3. get your tracking ID from Google analytics
3. add your ID to your blog ,go to blogger layout,
"add a gadget"and there add the HTML google analytics gives you. These actions will allows Google to track your site.

It takes 24 hours for Google analytics to start - so be patient !

There will be no history from before you added your ID,
Even if you are not exactly sure what to do, try it out, so that you don't lose time.

It is a lot of fun to check and find out what people are looking up in your blog, how long they stay in each post , how they linked to your site etc..

Etsy sellers who want to add their shop to Google analytics…

Add your URL to Google analytics.
All you have to do is add your Google analytics tracking ID in "Your Etsy"
in the shop setup section–Web Analytics. There you will find a place to add your ID.

As I said before, it takes time until you start getting reports from analytics,
at least 24 hours.
…patience… you waited until now , you can wait a little longer!