Mar 9, 2009

Google analytics on blog or Etsy shop

Want to know who sees your blog, where they come from, how they got there,
which post was best reacted to, what words connect to the blog, shop etc.

The solution…. GOOGLE ANALYTICS!!! For FREE!!!

All you have to do is sign in to Google analytics through your Google account.

Google explains everything to you… with just a few steps…
Google analytics help center

I'll explain with a few of my simple words;

If I could understand,and it's not my profession… then every one can ! :-)

1. Sign in to Google analytics.
2. Add website profile---- add profile to new domain- your URL
3. get your tracking ID from Google analytics
3. add your ID to your blog ,go to blogger layout,
"add a gadget"and there add the HTML google analytics gives you. These actions will allows Google to track your site.

It takes 24 hours for Google analytics to start - so be patient !

There will be no history from before you added your ID,
Even if you are not exactly sure what to do, try it out, so that you don't lose time.

It is a lot of fun to check and find out what people are looking up in your blog, how long they stay in each post , how they linked to your site etc..

Etsy sellers who want to add their shop to Google analytics…

Add your URL to Google analytics.
All you have to do is add your Google analytics tracking ID in "Your Etsy"
in the shop setup section–Web Analytics. There you will find a place to add your ID.

As I said before, it takes time until you start getting reports from analytics,
at least 24 hours.
…patience… you waited until now , you can wait a little longer!

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