Mar 15, 2009

We've been spotted!!! our Reading set- book cover & pillow.

We've Been Spotted on IndieSpotting
Just wanted to share with you all
We have been spotted on IndieSpotting.

For all of you who ask how?... why?...
I read a post by the 6 o'clock stitch blog which love & really and recommend!!!The post explains how to promote your shop, selling tips, marketing tips,Etsy tips etc. .One of the tips no. 7 :

TIP 7: If you haven't visited Indie Spotting, you're missing out on a great free marketing op. You can upload ONE item per week from your shop to be featured in their rotation. I've uploaded a couple of things and they've made it to the front page within 48 hours.I learned... and encourage you to check it out.It's really worth a look .

This is what was posted........................
Reading set Book cover & pillow
The idea of a book cover & pillow came to our mind from our own need, as we read a lot; we were looking for some kind of solution that could hold the book for us! The idea went through many variations and the final product is the following:

The book cover and pillow allows you to read with leisure with hardly any use of your hands only to turn the pages!!!
The perfect gift, for anyone who really loves reading.
You can enjoy this gadget at any age, from children who start to read,students,book lovers or grandparents who find it hard to hold books.
Great for reading in bed, lying down, sitting near a table, or putting the pillow on your laps.It is made of lovely polka dots cotton fabric .


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hey, thank's for the tipno. 7 !:))

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