Feb 25, 2009

Restoration and reupholstering of an old chair

A few months ago we visited a friend, as we went out of her house near the trash I saw a wonderful yet ugly looking chair.
I know I had to have it, I was able to persuade my husband to put the chair into our car.
You must understand my husband's car should always be clean; putting the chair in, with no protection on the upholstery was not an easy task!!!

The procedure took a few months.
I took off the old fabric, which was old and dirty,
scraped, refilled
and painted some parts of the wood work.
Found a fabric that suits my taste
, added foam, and batting,
apled the fabric in the right place...
...........made a few mistakes along the way…......... :-) !!!
Then added a matching trim with a hot glue gun, burned my fingers....
to cover to up the staples

I enjoyed the transformation very much and I am happy I did it.

The fact that I didn't give the job to a real professional upholsterer was the most satisfying for me.
It was worth the work!!!

I really recommend looking into these sites, as they do give a wonderful insight and understanding of what you are supposed to do during the procedure.









To all who want to DIY - good luck!!!

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