Jun 6, 2009

FP on Etsy - we've made it, our treasury was on the Front page of Etsy

First time to have our Treasury on FP (front page ) of Etsy :-)

A few posts ago I was so happy to tell everyone how I managed to make a Treasury on Etsy.

I was so happy then...

Since then, I have been addicted to making treasuries.;-)

My family does not understand why I'm addicted and what I get out of it , I continue anyway.

I try to explain that;

I ENJOY MAKING TREASURIES :-) :-) :-) but that doesn't count

1.Lots more people go into my shop-

I check it on Google Analytics and see the the graph going up.

2.when I feature a shop, many times that same shop would feature us as gesture,
if they make a treasury themselves.

Today we are featured in two treasuries by Gailai

and one treasury by dafnadagan

3.Since I started making treasuries, the amount of hearts for our shop has grown.

4.many people go into my blog -also according to analitics.

5. we are posted in different blogs like: Gailai -first apperarance on Etsy FP
Yellowgoat -Mondays finds

If you like to know if you are featured or were featured on Etsy FP check into
Craftcult - Heart-o-matic -featured
The Vault

All you have to do is enter your username or store ID number


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