Jan 22, 2009

Starting again after a long pause

We have been working on so many things that we didn't have time to post in our blog.

One of the difficulties for us is that English is not our mother tongue.

At least it's a good excuse Ha! Ha!

I really don't understand how all the bloggers have so much time to do everything.

They are probably much younger and were born with a computer on

their laps like my children. For me everything in the computer seems

so difficult but… I'm not going to give up; if my 91 year old father in

law can do it maybe I could too.

We have been making many new things.

Fabric bags and went on to vinyl - oilcloth fabric bags.

The bags were a hit we had lots of orders

as they are the latest fashion.

We would love to add a tutorials and tips on how to work with vynal fabric or oilcloth, we will do this in the near future.

We worked for some time looking for a solution for our book reading.

A book cover that would hold that book, turn the pages give light and if it could read for us out loud it would be perfect

We will introduce our new project in the near future!!!

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