Sep 1, 2008

Show off flowers in my garden- The apple of Soddom

School started so we wish all the kids good luck and a wonderful year.
We are full of energy and are ready to start working on lots of new ideas with fabric .

Thing we love

We wanted to share with you all the beautiful plant that grows
in my garden it is called :
The apple of Soddom

After the flowers of the Soddom Apple open – the bees
visit for nectar. Later the fruits start to develop.
The fruits grow very fast, as there's almost nothing in them,
only seeds, that have silk parachutes to help them
fly in the light wind to new places where they can start a new
life cycle. In the picture you can see that
some of the seeds disconnect themselves from the fruit to start
their journey.
Flowering Distrebution:Dead Sea & Judah desert, Central Negev (Desert), Eilat Region

The story that is told for the origin of the plant is that God was so angry after he saw the sins of the inhabitants of Sodom, Gomorrah that he cursed and changed the apple trees in that area. Apple trees that gave sweet and juicy fruit turned into fruit that is hollow and poisonous.

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